Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here Goes!!

OK, OK, OK. I have had several (like 3 --tops) of my friends from Charlotte encourage me to start a blog as a way for them to keep up with our family and ministry here in South Florida. "Just start one to post pictures and a few words here and there so we can keep up with you guys" is what I have been hearing from them. What my dear friends fail to remember is that I NEVER have a camera with me (at least not one with working batteries). I rely on my kids to jump in on the pics my friends are taking of their own kids, and maybe, just maybe, they will feel obligated to email me the pics. The second thing they so easily forget is that writing anything stresses me out. I know, I know, those of you who know me, are laughing right now because conversing (sounds much better than talking) is like my favorite thing to do, but talking and writing are sooo different. Writing is so objective, and for the world's most indecisive person, it can be rather stressful to choose which adjectives I will use to describe my thoughts and experiences from day to day. Finally, what my friends so easily forget as they encourage me to begin blogging is that I am not very sentimental, so even if I have a camera that works I rarely -actually I have never- taken the time to upload them. BUT against all odds, I have decided to give this blogging thing a shot. Who knows, maybe this will help me become a more organized, decisive, and sentimental person.

Dear NC Friends, just as soon as buy some batteries for my camera, take some pics of our life here in South Florida, and learn how to upload them --I promise to post them for you to see!! I miss you all dearly.


Jess said...

well, woman, you are missed and loved! i am SO glad you have finally started a blog actually take FULL credit for being the first person to tell you to do so....!! hee!

love you!


p.s. the only problem with your blog is that it isn't titled "jacked up and maxed out". oh well.

Dawn Massey said...

i am so glad that i can keep up with you all on your new blog!!! yeah!! welcome to the blog world!!!!!