Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eye of a Tiger

Chris and I are about to embark on a journey that seems to me like it would make a great finale run in the Amazing Race. Basically, we are driving to Charlotte, visiting family for a few days and then leaving the kids with family while we fly back to Fl in time to catch a flight to Lima, Peru (YEA!) to visit FRC's campus there, then we fly back to Fl in time to catch flight back to Charlotte to pick up the kids, and drive 13 hrs home to FL. Makes me tired just typing it. They really should do a leg of the Amazing Race where the contestants must travel with multiple kids that they have to keep safe and happy....only those with the "Eye of a Tiger" would survive!

We are super excited though! We can't wait to spend some time with family and we can't wait to visit the campus in Peru! We've been hearing so many beautiful stories about what God is doing through Flamingo Road Church there, and now we will get to see it with our own eyes!

Yesterday, Chris and I had this great idea: We would keep the kids up all day (super hard to do on a Sunday) and all of us would crash at 6pm. We would get up at 12am, put the kids in the car, and drive through the night. Well, shoot! it is 8pm and both Jack and Annie are too overtired to fall asleep. Our plan has back-fired. We had this all figured out and no one but Max can sleep!

Oh, well, we'll still head out and get as far as we can without stopping, which will probably be the entire trip. Yes, my man could kick some Amazing Race tail...He's got the "Eye of a Tiger." :)


Tiffany Cooper said...

So good to have you back:-)
Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Glowing 4 Him said...

Just please make sure Pastor Chris is NOT using the phone while driving... LOL