Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recap Post

A few things we have been up to the past 2 weeks:

Visiting Grandparents:

Playing with Cousins:

Cherishing a few moments of "Girls only" time and celebrating Baby "Jonah's upcoming arrival (My sister, Melanie's 6th baby...5th boy!):
(Sorry...couldn't get the picture to turn!)

(The guys got some alone time too...just no camera's were allowed on the putting greens)

Enjoying Each other:

A trip to Peru:

The staff of our FRC Lima Campus

Didn't get many pics of our Peru trip, but man, it was amazing to meet people who speak a different language and who live in a different country but who serve the same God and who are also called to partner with people to help them reach their God-potential..makes you feel like you are family in 2 minutes flat of non-interpreted conversation.

All this visiting and traveling has left us delightfully.....



We really are Sunscorched and Satisfied.


Allie said...

Aw I loved looking at all the pictures! Looks like you guys had some good times!! We miss ya'll like crazy! Tell the kiddies hello from us!

Love, Allie Donny Ava, and MAX

Tiffany Cooper said...

Oh Holly, I love these pics. Thank you for posting. I especially love the pics of your kids pooped out and sleeping, so sweet. Glad you had a great trip or should I say trips!

Jenny said... guys have been super busy! I loved seeing all the pics! I'm glad you all had a great trip to Peru!!

Glowing 4 Him said...

GREAT pics. thanks so much for sharing. I love the one of Max sleeping on the floor... LOL

Faith said...

What great pictures of your beautiful family!

Jess said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!

but they make me MISS YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

max is really tired and POOPED!

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