Thursday, May 7, 2009


As Mother's Day quickly approaches, I've found myself pinpointing times this week when I appreciate my mom the most:

  • When I am packing the kids' lunches for school..."Man, my mom did this for years and years for 5 kids....and she still fixes my lunch when I visit."

  • When I am cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors after a family bout with the stomach bug...again, "Wow...Mom did this for a family of 7 many, many times. Dear Jesus, bless her today for the many times she did that for us."

  • When I am lying in my kids' bed with them before bedtime and having conversations about life, God, and bad guys...."I miss the nights we used to lay at the end of mom and dad's bed and talk for hours as we delayed washing our faces and brushing our teeth...I learned so much from my mom about life, God....and come to think of it--about bad boys too :) at the end of that bed."

  • When I get up at the crack of dawn on Sundays to get myself and the gang ready for church..."I am glad 2 of our 3 are boys, and we are in a jeans-wearing makes for very few dresses to iron, tights to put on, and hair bows to wrestle with. I can't believe mom did this every week for 4 girls and 1 boy, and she even insisted that we wear ironed dresses and hair bows. She had to have been on some kind of energy supplements :)."

  • When I get the honor of seeing my kids' faces light up as they excitedly explain to me the cool things that Jesus did when He lived here or when they can't wait to see another kid "say" they are on Jesus' team (referring to being baptized)..."God, I thank you for the incredible privilege of being raised in a God-centered home...the best gift any child could receive. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a mom who loves You and seeks to honor You with her life. She is building a legacy that will far out live her life here on Earth. Thank you for my mom."

When do you appreciate your mom the most?


Glowing 4 Him said...

I appreciate my mom when she comes to vist and when we visit her. she's always taking care of me; fixing me and my family breakfast, lunch and dinner. Helping with the laundry and everything in between. She's so awesome. I'm so grateful and hopeful, because if that's what a mom looks like, I'm so blessed to be one and cannot wait to be there for my kids and their kids in that way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Holly! I was/am incredible blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren. I would love to fix you a dinner this Sunday. What are you doing after church? I long to see you and the kids again. Little Annie is beautiful and the boys are so cute! We have to make new plans. I need a grandbaby fix!! Love, Mom