Monday, July 28, 2008

One Night in the Brown House

7:35-Jack falls asleep just as we are about to start our Family movie night.
7:45- Jack to bed. Annie fed and put to bed.
8:00-Family movie time with Max (We are watching the Wizard of OZ).
10:15- Max to bed.
10:25-Max crying saying he is scared (of course he is, there were mean witches and freaky looking flying monkeys in that movie-I did not remember it being that scary). Pray with Max. Say our "scared verse" together--God is my helper, I will not be afraid.
10:30-Max back to bed.
10:31- Chris to bed.
10:32-Chris asleep:)
10:37-Annie awake.
11:30- Annie fed and back to bed. Check on boys--both sleeping.
11:55-Climb into my bed. Determine to keep resolution to be up at 6am.
3:35-Annie awake (this is the longest she has ever slept at one time!). Changed and fed. Has a hard time falling asleep again.
4:35-Annie finally back to bed.
4:36-Start to climb into my bed--find Jack in bed next to Chris.
4:38-Jack back to his own bed.
4:40-Climb into my bed.
4:41-Realize I am lying on wet sheets (NO JACK, did you seriously PEE IN MY BED in the 20 minutes you were in here?).
4:43- Change my pajamas. Wake Chris to help change the sheets.
4:48-Chris back to bed. Chris asleep:). Go change Jack's diaper. Realize 6am is coming awfully fast, but stay determined to stick to new resolution.
4:50-Climb into my bed.
4:57-Annie crying. Begin praying Chris will get up and take care of her.
5:04-Annie still crying. Chris gets up to get her (with a little nudge of course:).
5:20- Annie still crying with Chris. Contemplate getting up and either helping or taking her so Chris can rest. Decide instead to pray for patience for Chris.
5:29-Ahhh--Peace and quiet. Attempt to fall asleep.
5:45-Chris in room. Gives me Annie and says he has to leave for the gym.
5:47-Pray--Tell God I need to cancel my resolution to be up by 6am to exercise and pray. Ask Him to help me make time later in the day. Determine I will start the early morning thing tomorrow.
6:00-Annie finally asleep in my arms. Too tired to get up and put her in her own bed. Decide to let her stay in my arms while we both sleep.
7:00-Hear both boys awake and in the pantry digging for juice boxes-try to psych myself into getting up. Wait-- Hear Chris' voice. SWEET--he will keep an eye on them while I sleep a few more minutes.
7:45-Hear boys playing, but no Chris--Decide that he must have gone to work.
7:46-Get up to check on boys. Find Chris sound to sleep on living room floor.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, I feel your pain! Those days are all too vivid in my memories. I'll be praying for you (and Chris) : -)

Holly said...

thank you for stopping by and always leaving encouraging comments. i appreciate the encouragement and your prayers!

stephgramling said...

Wow! I remember those sleepless nights all too well :)
Praying for you guys! Chris seems to fall asleep pretty easily :)

paige said...

WOW!!!! Sounds like a partAAAAAy at your house!!!!!!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I feel like I need a nap after reading that! :)

Faith said...

Phew! I hope you can get a nap today!

lili said...

sleepless in Pembroke Falls!!!!!

here for you girl. thanks for making us laugh...


Anonymous said...

Okay...a few days ago you're worshipping your husband in your blog and now it sounds like you're ripping him...let me remind you that at least he did get up to help out with the feedings (that's a lot more than some husbands have ever done :)


Garland Robertson said...

I remember those days as well but I am glad they are over.
We will pray that God gives you rest, strength , grace, and an awesome Bumble Bee (Chris) by your side to help you.

Anonymous said...

selling me out.....that was my least engaged night..... leave me alone..... Holly do a part 2 and talk about last night when I was with her from 2:45 to 5:45 when I then went to the gym! I'm with Raul! Chris

Anonymous said...

Garland, your lucky your bigger than me! Chris

Alicia said...

I feel so bad for you. I can't even imagine 3. I did laugh out loud when I read that you decided to pray for patience for Chris. That is too funny.
Hope you get some rest.

Holly said...

Stephanie and Garland, Thank you for your prayers. We know this is just a short season and are really enjoying it (OK-not all the time, but usually)---sleepless nights and all. I have to give Chris a little credit- it was Sunday night and he was exhausted from a long day. He usually pitches in quite a bit:).

Kristen and Faith--Would one of you take a nap for the both of us?

Raul--It sounds as if you are insinuating that I am the inconsistent one here. I am just reporting the facts honestly and as they happen. I think I need you to talk with Chris about his consistency:)

P.S. Please do not tell Chris that there are some guys out there (although they are proabably alone or at least sleeping on a couch!) that never help with night time feedings. It will have detrimental effects on my marriage.

Lili- I am glad someone is laughing with us! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Alicia- I wasn't joking, I start praying as soon as I realize calming a crying baby isn't working for Chris. At that point it is up to me or God to take over :).

Paige--PLEASE come party with us anytime!! We miss you!

Chris--You do usually help out a lot in the night, and I love you for it.

Jess said...

oh! my! gosh!
well, i dont miss those nights... wait, as i typed that i just remembered Lucy came in my room with SOAKED pjs last night at 1am ...i guess i can still relate (a very little bit) to your night!
love you. miss you.

all day (allen d) said...

oh myyy. That is a tough one Holly. We do remember those nights, but here's the good news...IT DOES GET BETTER!!! God will give you what you need.


Katie said...

Hey Holly, you can tell Chris that it was Josh's job to get the baby back to sleep after I fed him:) I would feed him, change him, and then put him in the cradle. If he fell right asleep, good for us. If not, he was ALL JOSH'S!!