Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SEEDS Worship Cd's

After reading this post on Darlene's blog, I ordered one of these SEEDS Family Worship Cd's, and now I have to tell you how much we enjoy this Cd. We (all of us--including Chris) love this CD. We listen to it all the time, and I promise it is much cooler than most of the kids Cd's out there. All the songs are straight from the scriptures (it even tells you the reference before every song--which is awesome for me because I am the queen of saying, "I know it is in there somewhere" or "I'm pretty sure Paul says...."). It is horrible and I have felt convicted lately to really buckle down and start learning where things are at in the Bible. This CD helps tremendously and the songs are very singable. The best part about the Cd is that we have learned so many verses together as a family. Darlene said that would happen and she was right. Chris and I went to breakfast the other day and he was sharing with me what the Lord was speaking into his life during the week, and you know, that the verses the Lord was using to speak to him were all ones he had memorized just by listening to this CD. Anyways, they are great, your entire family will love them.... check 'em out.

Oh, and if you happen to be in my ladies small group, go ahead and order you one, because all of our memory verses will be coming from these Cd's :). Just don't laugh at me when I have to sing my verse to you!


Darlene said...

Holly! I am so glad you got these, and like them! We have 2 more left to get... and I think they will be just perfect in the kid's stockings. Definitely some of the best scripture CD's I have heard!

Kristen said...

Hey Holly! Thanks for posting this---gonna order some for Christmas. They're great!
Another great one to try is Psalty the Singing Songbook---ever heard of it? My kids LOVE it (I do too, we actually listened to this when I was growing up!).
Betcha didn't know you had a blog-stalker in me, did you?! ;)

Holly said...

darlene--great idea. i'm going to get some for stucking stuffers also

kristen--thanks for stopping by and commenting. i totally remember psalty--i didn't know they still sold those. i'll have to check them out.