Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favorite quotes/texts this week

Scene 1: Max and I sitting on a park bench enjoying an official "date." Max is thoroughly enjoying a chocolate milk and a glazed doughnut covered in chocolate icing and sprinkles. I am drinking a breakfast smoothie while drooling over Max's chocolate icing doughnut. We are playing our official "3 Questions" date game:

Me to Max: "You know, Max, I think you are really good at being a leader at school and doing your school work the first time Ms. Sandy asks. What do you think you're good at?"

Max (as his lips are covered with chocolate icing and a milk mustache): "Fishin and goin on dates." :).....What're you good at, mommy?

After some dialogue, I tell Max it is his turn to think of a question for us to answer:

Max (With a huge chocolate grin): What's your fav-o-ite thsing bout me? :)

MELT my heart!! :)

Scene 2: Jack stumbling into my bedroom at 6am with bedhead, half opened eyes, and a scratchy voice:

Jack: Mommy, is today da day Pasta Gawand (Pastor Garland) is gonna be my papa? :)

(Today was grandparents day at school and he has been looking forward to Pastor Garland coming to be his adopted papa!...Thank you, Pastor Garland!)

Scene 3: Chris, the kids, and I at the mall, rushing to the car to head over to Hallandale for small groups. After 15 minutes of standing in the parking lot searching for our car keys to no avail, Chris concluded that he must have thrown the keys in the garbage with the scraps from the chik-fil-a kid's meals the boys just enjoyed. As we returned to the food court to debate which trash can can we used, I realized we were going to be late to small groups. I immediately started texting for back-up.

Me--to my friend and small group member: Hi girl. can u please get things started for me tonight? think i'm goin to be late.

p.s. we lost r keys in a trash can (don't know which one) in the food court at the mall. :). will be there asap.

Friend: Sure. on my way there now. traffic is terrible tho.

p.s. you guys r a bit dysfunctional outside of church, huh? :)

ME (As I watch Chris digging through trash can number 2 with only one glove on): Yes. Yes, we are definitely dysfunctional. :)

p.s. WARNING: dont shake Chris' hand tonight. :)

Note: After digging through 3 trash cans ( in the food court at the mall!....I just gag remembering some of the things he had to dig through!), Chris decided to check the last store we were in...Yep, they were sitting on the counter by the register. :)


Glowing 4 Him said...

Holly, Tito and I are HYSTERICALLY laughing right now. And you know Tito....He's GOT TO get a kick out of the one thing that contain FOOD (Pasta Gawand)...LOL...LOL

Tiffany said...

I am always amazed by your family's out of the ordinary experiences!

Tiffany said...

Love to hear about your precious boys!

Anonymous said...

Throwin' me under the bus.......what are wives for

Anonymous said...

You world is hysterical! The way in which you handle things is an awesome tesimony on who's in charge! You're wonderful....even if dysfunctional!! lol
Love you,

Ileana said...

Haha, aww Max and Jack are too cute.

And the small groups thing? Too funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody called you guys dysfunctional outside of the church???? Don't you worry - I will have to a long hard talk with our small group and make sure I correct this "perception" of the Brown family ; )

Love ya!

Jeanette said...

I love you guys. It is good that you can laugh at little bumps in the road. There is always some excitment in the Brown household! Also I think I am going to buy you guys something that can help you guys keep track of your keys because you are always misplacing them (HE HE HE)!

Faith said...

Oh Holly, I cannot believe the trash can All your adventures make for some good blogging though ;)

Kristin said...

I could only pray to have your sense of humor through those times. Lord knows we have them, but He also knows that I find no humor in them. Maybe he's using you to show me the "humor" side of life's little glitches. Thanks for the reminder that I should treasure each day, glitch full or glitch free and embrace my many blessings with eternal thanks. Oh yea, and it's ok and important to LAUGH!!!

Marcy said...

i love reading your blog and never really get to comment.. so encouraging, so hilarious.. its so you.. thank you holly!!!