Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things that make me go, "hmmm?"

  • How many times must you go up and back down the stairs in your house in a any given one hour period to check "workout" off your to do list for the day?

  • How many times in any given one hour period must you either A.Tweet (and to think supposedly the cool people do this...but yet they call it Tweet...hmmm??) or B. Check your Twitter account to be deemed a Twitter junkie?

Note: I do not have a Twitter account, I am just wondering for a few of my dear friends and a loved one..."ahem"... :)

  • Does pulling a piece of thread out of the hem of your jeans and getting the noticeable piece of pepper out of your teeth count as flossing?

  • Is it lying when your child's preschool teacher asks you how many hours of sleep your child is getting at night because he is "pretty irritable lately"...and you count from the time you put him in the bed rather than from the time he actually falls asleep (and you know there is a BIG difference between the two)?

  • If you haven't actually popped open a can of soda in years, but you drink 90% of your husbands when he pops one....who is or your husband?

  • Are you a bad mom/person if the receptionist at your child's school called and asked if you would be willing to organize the teacher appreciation gift gathering for your child's preschool class and you said no? Just a "No"...followed by a simple, "I am not good at that kind of thing, sorry."

  • How about if you don't work and you are a stay-at-home mom...and you still said "No" to the receptionist?

  • OK...last mom guilt one: Are you a bad stay-at-home mom if your child's preschool teacher calls to ask you if you looked at your son's report card yet because it is still unsigned in his book bag and she put it in there "Days ago"?


paige said...


Jennifer said...

Enjoyed the laugh this morning!
Too cute :)

Glowing 4 Him said...

Laughing so hard my stomach hurts... Does that count as an an work out..... LOL

Ileana said...

LOL to all of them.

And I am very aware that I myself am a twitter junkie. I'm currently looking for a rehab, but I have found none. Well, gotta go... gotta send out ONE more tweet before bed! ;)