Saturday, January 3, 2009

Easy '09 Resolutions

My prayer for 09 is that I do the things that are easy to do, but unfortunately are even easier not to do. The easy things in my life....the things I know will make a difference in the long run. I won't see the difference each day, but I know they will pay off. It's not hard each day to get up early and spend time in prayer and Bible study, but it's easier to just snuggle in (especially if you're freezing in NC!). It's not hard to go to the gym or play football with the boys, but most days it's just easier not to do those things. This year, with the Holy Spirit's help, I am going to make the choice daily to do the "little things" that are easy to do but even easier not to do.

Here's just a few of the easy to do, but even easier not to do things I am committing to daily for 09:
  • spending quality time in prayer and Bible study
  • praying with my kids
  • spending uninterrupted time with the kids
  • one on one conversation and prayer with Chris (or almost daily...with 3 little ones we have to plan for this or it never happens!)
  • reading 10 pages of a good book
  • sticking to our new budget (OK...this one will not be easy!)
  • exercising

What are a few of your goals for '09?


Glowing 4 Him said...

YEAH....YOU ARE BACK!!!! Holly, you are so right...and thanks for "speaking" out loud about what I know we moms think of and have tried our best to follow through with. Praying you through.....

paige said...

I think I'll just take your goals, except I'd like one-on-one conversations with Brandon instead of offense Chris.
Glad your back - your blogs are so creative and well-worded! I love reading them!!!

hmmmm, let me see if I can think of one more goal to add...
- maybe cook some different meals I haven't tried before...I think Brandon is getting bored with my meals...

paige said...

correction after proofreading session:

previously stated "your back" should have been typed "you're back"

(in case there are any grammer gurus out there)

paige said...

Okay, so I was off to a good start after admitting to you that I was going to try new recipes!!
My problem is planning! So this morning before we left for church, I grabbed a cookbook on my way out the door so I could read the recipe for taco pie! I made it years ago, and decided it was time for the rest of my family to try it!
Only I grabbed the wrong book, which did not have a recipe for taco pie! So I had to improvise already from the get-go of my new year resolution fulfillment! Improvising is what always gets me into trouble, because that's Brandon's least favorite thing about my cooking - I'm always "making it up!!!"
I think it's hilarious, Brandon thinks it's annoying - especially when the meal turns out a little tasteless.
Anyways, I found two other recipes that looked decent and we decided on the chicken pizza.
Oops, my mistake was finding TWO recipes! And the second mistake was trying to memorize the recipe before going into the grocery store. Actually, that's probably the 3rd mistake because the first one would've been grabbing the wrong cookbook in the first place.
Anyways, I came out of the grocery store with tortilla shells instead of pizza crust! hahahahaa!!! The other recipe was beef enchiladas!!!
So, improvise I did (which had Brandon going from the time we left the grocery store until the time he took his first bite of my improvised chicken tortillas...and when I say "going" I mean "going on and on and on and on" about how I waste money making up recipes)!!!!!

So anyways, I just wanted you to know that I'm trying!! I'm trying to fulfill my new year's resolution of trying new meals for my husband! But I must add, I pledge to try REAL recipes that someone else has already published, instead of improvising!!!

My 2009 New Year's Resolution:
make ONE recipe complete as written by the author, and not improvising 1 pinch of it!!!!!


It's the thought that counts, right??

Darlene said...

ugh! haven't done my goals yet!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!

Kristen said...

Holly---I should just probably 'copy and paste' this whole list to my resolutions for the new year! Looking forward to updates on you're doing keeping up with them.

Paige, sorry, but yes, I found your little type--and was so happy to see you go back and correct yourself. :) Does that make me a grammar guru?

Liza Delgado DeArmas said...

Holly, your goals are good. I am not a new year's resolution setter, but I really think your list should be for everyone and all year round! Thank you for sharing.

Holly said... crack me up :). I like your cooking resolution. If I remebered correctly, doesn't Brandon like to cook some too?? That's probably why he gets irritated...he must know a little something about cooking. Chris is just excited if it isn't cereal!

Kristin--I knew you would catch that!! You are a grammar guru...I could have told you that in high school :)

Liza and Darlene..I challenge you to make a few goals for the year. One day of sticking to them and your a little better than you were last year!

Gloria...your prayers always sustain me. Love you.