Thursday, January 8, 2009

random questions

Please comment...I want to hear from you:

  1. Do you twitter?
  2. Do you do both (blog and twitter)?
  3. If you're married, would your spouse ever hire you as his/her secretary (assuming he was in a job where he needed one)?
  4. Would you ever take in a homeless family (particularly one with 3 kids under 4)?

Just a little curious tonight.

I'll answer first to be fair:
1. No
2. No
3. NEVER :) Chris loves me till death do us part...but that would be the death of me.
4. Definitely!! For sure...without thinking twice!! FYI: Did you know that we have to be out of our house in less than 3 weeks and we have yet to find another place?


Alicia said...

That is funny! I guess you are looking for someone who would take in a homeless family. ( :
here are my answers:
yes - I will probably end up doing that soon. Of course, i won't get paid. ( :
depends on the circumstances and our relationship with the people. We would let you guys stay with us, but that would be a rough commute.

Dawn Massey said...

hey holly!!!
1. yes
2. yes
3. i was like a secretary when jamil was the youth pastor...he didn't hire me - but he needed some help so i did it pro bono. it was crazy.
4. it would be a tight squeeze, but we would take you guys in...too bad you are not in charlotte still.

hope you had a great holiday!!!!
hope to see you soon!

Glowing 4 Him said...

1. Not anymore :( It's not easy to do without the iphone (tear, tear)

2. Just bloggin now

3. Yes, but I think this would be one where the secretary puts a hit on the boss...LOL

4. Yes.....and were waiting for you with open arms :o)

Glenia & her Crew said...

what's Twitter, so I guess no?
Blog only
Not married but I don't think I would, I already feel like the second wife to my boss's!;)
It depends on what kind of a relationshio I have with that family, but for you, Of course! I just dont't have a whole lot of room! Sorry, Luv you guys!

steph said...

Ok, goes...
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Absolutely Not! He says I'm too bossy & too
controlling :)
4. Only the Brown family :)

paige said...

1) No
2) Just blog
3) NO WAY!!
4) You wouldn't even have to call first, just show up at our door with your stuff and we'll make room!!!

Liza Delgado DeArmas said...

1. No
2. Only Blog
3. Yes, I did it in the past, but there is conditional enjoyment. You can't call in sick because he will know if you are REALLY sick, it was work around the clock, but it was easy to smooth him over.
4. Briston is making room for the boys in his room already! Come on over!

Holly said...

those of you who blog and in the world to you keep up with both?

I have to say:

Alicia, i am a little surprised you said "yes" to your husband hiring you..i would have guessed "no" on that one :)

Dawn and Gloria, I was right on with the secretary ?..would have guessed "yes" for you guys..

stephanie, was 50/50 on you with the secretary ?; but secretly glad to hear someone has the same issues (chris says issues, i say cute quirks :) as me.

Holly said...

Glenia...twitter...come on' girl. get with the times! Just kidding, i am just learning all this stuff myself :)

Paige...can u imagine if we all lived together? It would be like the olympics on steriods! we would have a different contest every night...2 most competitive couples under one roof!! what a blast :)

thank you all for the invites to share your home:) i am trusting God to provide us with the place He has for us VERY soon....But it is good to have a few back-up plans :) Now I don't want to see a look of surprise or terror on your face when you see us all(which I refer to as the "wrecking crew")show up on your door step!

Faith said...

Holly, I'm late to this but...
1. No
2. No
3. Yes
4. Come on in!

Praying for y'all!