Sunday, January 11, 2009

Name Calling

Now, I know the title is a little cheesy, but Numbers 13 records one of the best name calling sessions I have ever read about. you know how Joshua was one of the only two spies who came back after scoping out the enemy's land and reported that he was ready to take them on in war and fight for the land God had promised the Israelites? He was confident that God would do what He promised His people. Even though the enemy was bigger and stronger and only one other warrior was going to stand up with him against the other 10 cowards, Joshua still courageously said "Let's fight 'em and watch God deliver the enemy into our hands."

Here's what the Lord showed me....Did you know that Moses changed Joshua's name from Hoshea to Joshua before he was sent to scope out the Promised Land? The name Joshua comes from the Hebrew root which means, "to deliver", "to be victorious."

Now hold on to that thought for a minute and consider this: Do you know how many times I found either Moses or the Lord directly telling Joshua to"Be strong and courageous" before he led the Israelites in battle? SIX times! (And this was just at a glance into the end of Deuteronomy and the first chapter of may have been more than that!)

Now this is only my take it for what it's worth. I cannot help but to think that maybe Joshua was not naturally such a courageous, faith-filled risk-taker after all. Could it be that Moses called out in him his potential? That Moses knew the plan God had for him before Joshua did and that "Calling Out" by His most respected leader...the one who's face had shone because he met with God on the mountain; the one who among his own people, there was no question that he heard directly from God... gave Joshua the courage and fire inside him to live up to his potential? That finally his "Calling" was made as clear to him as his name? Could it be that when his name was changed to his purpose: "Victorious One"...he was inspired to risk it all to allow God to prove his name? And it is by that courage that Joshua reached his God potential in this life.

Dear Father, give me a new name...a name that defines my purpose. May my purpose be as clear to me as my first name. Give me the courage and fire inside me to follow where you lead believing with everything in me that You will make my life prove my name.


LeadHership: said...

"you will make my life prove my name."
this is a beautiful line for every woman who serves her Father in so many ways, in so many different directions. Thk u 4 inspiring us w/ those 8 words.

Glowing 4 Him said...

thanks so much for sharing your lesson learned/heard. you continue to inspire & encourage...

Faith said...

Love this post, Holly. Thank you for the encouragement, the challenge and for sharing what God laid on your heart.

Hope you are having a great week!