Sunday, January 4, 2009

random thoughts

I'm just about to climb into bed after an exhausting but wonderful Sunday.

A few random thoughts tonight:

  1. I love my church...I love the people, the worship, the teachings, the pastor, the energy, the breakfast bar...all of it. The best thing though, is that people show up expecting (not hoping or wishing) God to show up in a huge way..and He does...EVERY WEEK.
  2. I will never go to Super Walmart again on a Sunday afternoon. Actually, I don't think I will ever go there again any day. It was a futile attempt to save money so I can stick to our new budget :). I'd rather not eat. I hate that place..Super Target it is from now on.
  3. Our worship Pastor and his wife came over for dinner and discussion tonight...I honestly think our kids ate a dozen cookies each, and then they washed 'em down with some hidden candy they found. I seriously need to get better at multi-tasking (talking, thinking, and watching the kids would be a good place to start!)
  4. We did have a great conversation though...I think we solved the world's problems...or at least Hallandale's. Do you think our kids' teeth is too big of a price to pay for that?
  5. I am so thankful for my gym guarantees me a shower everyday :). Should I feel guilty when the childcare worker asks me what part of the gym I'll be in in case they need to get me and I respond, "The shower"? :)
  6. My man rocks...he hits husband, dad, and pastor out of the park....I love him....


LeadHership: said...

I HATE SUPER WALMART! So I'll c ya around...@ Super Target, that is!

Darlene said...

oooooooh, good idea with the gym shower!

steph said...

I am SO with you on Super Wal-Mart....I detest going there...AND the worse thing is, they don't have a Starbucks inside :) Definitely need my coffee in hand while I'm shopping...makes it a much more relaxing experience...AND... I'm SURE I don't spend near as much money that way also :)

Liza Delgado DeArmas said...

I love my church, too! The kids teeth are important, but if you think about how many souls will be saved by your meeting time - you will feel much better. Get them some Act Fluoride Mouthwash - QUICK!! lol

Holly said...

Heather...I really hope you are feeling better. Been praying for you all day. Target it is!

Darlene, once you start showering always will. I forgot what it is like to get my whole morning routine done without interruption...It is good, girl.

Steph...I am so with you on the starbucks. I always reward myself once I complete a grocery run (I despise grocery shopping:) Maybe I would save money too if I get the coffee first...good idea.

Liza...Thanks for the mouthwash tip! I'm on that. Are my kids old enough to use mouthwash?