Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunshine State

I took the boys to the park today....we lasted about 45min because the boys were complaining of being "too hot." It's January, and it is too hot to play outside. Man, I love it here. I am all about the warmth.

I realized that this is the longest I have ever stuck to my New Year's resolutions (I know...It has been a sad story in years past). I am convinced that the weather is to blame for my past failures with sticking to my resolutions. It is mush easier to clean out garages, jog, load the kids in and out of the car, and wash the car when you can actually feel your fingers! January is pretty miserable (at least to me) in Charlotte. You rarely get snow, but you always get freezing rain, black ice, and many gray, dreary days. That first early morning, let me jump start my resolutions jog in below freezing weather and I already felt defeated. Most years I just stopped there and never even began the rest of my list! Not this year...I am sticking to the easy things and thanking God for the Sunshine State!!


Darlene said...

You go girl! Stick to it.

UGH. Hot in January??? That is why I HAD to move North again. hehe.

Glenia & her Crew said...

Go girl! Keep at it! I'm glad to hear your warming up to Florida he, he, love you

Tiffany said...

So good to hear from you again. I have been going non-stop since we got home from NE but hope to have time to catch up later tonight.
I agree that SuperWalmart can be crazy but I still go...just not on Sundays. However, SuperTarget is one of my fav stores to freguent.
Have a great night!