Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random things

OK, so maybe I wasn't as settled in as I had thought when I last blogged, hence the prolonged blogging absence.

I was tagged to do this for Facebook, so I thought I would share it here also.

25 Random things about Me:
  1. I go to the gym many days just for the promise of getting a shower while my kids are being watched.
  2. I rarely enjoy watching a movie for two reasons: 1. I sit there and can’t stop thinking about everything I could be getting done. 2. I hate sitting beside Chris and having to go 2 hours without conversing about something.
  3. I have a hard time relaxing. I usually just keep going 100mph until I crash…Redline helps with the 100mph part, but it also makes the crash worse.
  4. I never open a can of soda, but if my sisters or Chris is sitting by me drinking one, I will always drink some of theirs (they all love this about me!).
  5. I hate making little decisions. Actually, I get stressed out if I have to go shopping by myself, pick a movie at blockbuster alone, or decide paint colors.
  6. I love to brainstorm…doesn’t really matter what, I just like to think of ideas and solutions. My mom and I do this together on the phone all the time.
  7. My family eats roast beef and pepper jack cheese on a low-fat flour tortilla about 3 nights a week.
  8. My favorite guilt-releasing line is, “Let’s not make it about the food. We have way too much we want to do in a day, than to worry about what we’re going to eat or someone cooking.” It works for Chris and I.
  9. I love playing dancing charades with my boys. Chris and I make them pick something we do daily to act out, but they have to do a dance with it. Chris and I laugh so hard we cry as we try to figure out what in the world they are doing. Max has the best driving a car dance and Jack’s brushing your teeth dance is hilarious.
  10. My dad’s legacy spurs me on every day to love family, love God, and serve people with all I got.
  11. My dad’s death taught me that life is short, and I get one shot to make a difference in this world. I mean it really taught me is usually the first thought in my head every morning. I pray that never changes.
  12. My older sister broke my nose when I was 8. I blame her for that fact that my nose doubled in size that day and never went back to its normal state. If she were serious about righting her wrongs, she would finance a nose job for me.
  13. I would love to get my nose pierced like Kelly Clarkson’s, but that would be like putting a diamond in a tennis ball. 2 thoughts on that: Would you really notice it? And, if you did notice, is that like drawing attention to the fact that you are playing jacks with a tennis ball when every one else is playing with a quarter sized bouncy ball?
  14. It took me 22 years to grow into my nose, and then I learned in nursing school that your nose keeps growing your whole life. So I got like one good nose year, and now I am dealing with the same old “Does my nose looks big with this shirt?" junk I grew up with. The worst part is, I never had my picture made during that one good year!
  15. I had a bad accident doing a flip on my trampoline at a party in high school. I messed my teeth up really bad. I just found out I need 4 crowns and 2 more root canals because of that accident 12 years ago.
  16. I don’t have dental insurance…forgot to sign up for that…whoops.
  17. The one good thing about my trampoline accident was that when my teeth went through my bottom lip, they left my lip twice the size as it was before. It was like getting collagen implants for free. I believe this was God’s way of helping my lips come a little closer to fitting my nose.
  18. The legacy Chris and I desire to leave our kids is that when God asked something of us, we said, “ Yes”. Every time. No matter how hard, how high the potential for failure was, or how scary. Just that mom and dad said “Yes” to God.
  19. I was cut from the basketball team at college. It was a REALLY small college.
  20. I am a maximizer…that is my word for the fact that nothing drives me more crazy than wasting time, not accomplishing something when the opportunity was clearly there. For example, it does not make sense to me why we would watch a movie without folding laundry, or hang pictures without having a brainstorming session, or not doing something active on “date night” so we spend time together and get exercise. I call it maximizing; Chris calls it sick in the head.
  21. My two modern-day, women of faith hero's are My mom and Beth Moore.
  22. I love playing speed card games with my mom and siblings…but they never play with me because they’re afraid to lose. My grandma will play with me, but then who can justify beating G-ma?
  23. My sisters and I argue all the time about who’s the funniest, but really they all can make me laugh until I cry.
  24. Growing up with 3 sisters, I used to hate it when people would say, “M­­y family thinks ­­­_______ sister is the prettiest (or funniest or smartest), but we think you are the most friendly. That comment alone scarred me for many years…thanks, Shannon :)
  25. I think my husband is hot...mostly because he wasn't cut from the ball team at the REALLY small college.


paige said...

I would read a hundred more random thoughts from you!!!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL Thanks for your honetsy & humor. You tickle me pink!!!

Faith said...

Oh my word, I so remember #15! What a bummer about the dental work you just found out about.

Loved reading this list. You crack me up!

Holly said...

Faith, now don't lie...i bet you remember my nose too, huh? i was still growing into it in highschool :)

Anonymous said...

I love your nose Holly.....all of it :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever measured it?

Glenia & her Crew said...

You are so funny. I love maximizing its not sich Chris, its using your time wisely when theres not a whole lot of it to begin with. I feel you girl keep maximizing.

LeadHership: said...

I have a big schnoz. For one, I'm German. And two, at a HS party, when I was being wild-child, I got in a silly fight w/ a guy & he decked me in the nose.
I feel ur pain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much girl....Just when I think I know you...You surprise me with hysteria.
Gloria :o)

Holly said... make me laugh. i have never one time thought you have a big nose!

But if do you happen to find a surgeon who is doing a buy get one free special...I'm in. I'll take the free one!! :)