Monday, February 23, 2009

Will I Ever?

Trust my kids enough to brush their own teeth?

Think cooking is worth all the planning, shopping, preparation, and dishes?

Know who I was created to be?

Have a winter bedspread and a summer bedspread?

Know how great my God is?
Fully realize that without Jesus I AM NOTHING. That apart from Him I can do nothing?
Clean my ceiling fans?

Have arms like Kelly Rippa's?

Be able to get Zoom Whitening?

Not feel tired?

Make an impact in this world?

Disgrace my family and my Savior?

Have faith enough to move mountains?

Get a rose tattoo?

Sleep in past 6am again?

Get used to getting up before 6?

Vacuum out my car?

Stick with my New Year's resolutions past Valentines Day?
Be able to do a real push-up?

Make the chai tea I bought 6 months ago, serve it in a dainty teacup, and sit on the back porch sipping it?

Be more interested in eating on nice dishes rather than paper plates?
Realize that my heart is wicked and easily fooled?

Get it together?

Be OK with not having it all together?

Change the layout on my blog?


Ileana said...

Well, I definitely think you'll be able to accomplish some of these, no doubt.

Some, heck, I don't know if any of us will be able to accomplish.

Chai Tea? Pssh... I'll stick with my Nestea Iced Tea.

Oh, and hey, you've soooo got Kelly Rippa Arms!

And last, no, I don't think you'll change the layout. But, hey... it definitely makes the blog look mighty, "sunscorched and satisfied." ;)

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I loved this post! What great questions!!

paige said...

Alright!! I'm feeling pretty good about myself now that I read your blog!! I have a flower tattoo, vacuumed the car 2 weeks ago, and just figured out how to change the layout on my blog last weekend!

However, I doubt I'll ever let Ryan brush her own teeth until she pays her own dental insurance. I doubt I'll ever have arms like Kelly Ripa, Halle Berre, or Demi Moore. I doubt I'll ever own two bedspreads because I don't even have seasonal decorations for my front door. I doubt I'll ever sleep "in late". And it's almost March and I have yet to cook a new meal from a recipe for Brandon like my New Years' Resolution promised!!

hahahhaaaaa! Great list Holly!!!

Jenny said...

Great list!!! I wonder so many of those things too!!!
I don't think I have actually vacuumed out my car in over a year!!!!! I can't believe I just admitted that!!! LOL

gina said...

LOL, if you figure that list out, let me know cause my list would look very similar...except change the rose tatoo to Curt's name and maybe...heehee!!! Hope you guys are doing well!

Darlene said...

Oh I love this post!!!!!!! I can so relate.
love the new pics of you in your sidebar!

layout, shmayout.... but I think that the ones at "cutest blog on the block" are free, and fun.
google it, have fun!

Glowing 4 Him said...

A rose tattoo...NO way... You need something with a litte more spunk girl..

Cooking is definietly worth it....especially if you only do it twice a week (like me....LOL)

It's hilarious that you mention Rippa's arms....I was thinking of that just this morning.. She's got some "tight" arms!

Rest will come______ (you know when...LOL)

Teeth Whitening? They have a group for that.......

PS: you are making an impact girl....more than you know

Jess said...

heh heh heh. can i just post questions on my blog all the time? i mean, seriously.


love and miss you, of course.