Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunday Pictures

My friend, Ileana, took these pics of the kids last Sunday at church and was kind enough to share them with me so I could post some updated pictures of my gang! Sundays can sometimes be a long day for my little ones, so I love to see pictures of each of them having a blast at church :).

We have a great team at our church, and they ALL pitch and help me keep the kids safe, fed, and happy on Sundays! Thank you to each and every one of (you know who you are!) for going to the extra mile each week to help make Sundays enjoyable (and safe!) for my little gang. We love Sundays with our HB family!!!


Ileana said...

Well, I love this post. Then again, I might be a bit biased? ;)

steph said...

Awesome pictures, Holly! (Good job Ileana :) I told Max that him & Jack will have to come over to our house soon, and Carson will show them some tricks on the skateboard...Max was so cute last Sunday rolling around on that big skateboard :) He wasn't standing on it, he was on his belly rolling around on cute!!! :)