Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Which scenario would cause you the most frustration:

A. Packing up the baby and bags to head out for a morning of grocery shopping and errand running only to realize that you have no debit card, credit card, or cash in your wallet. As you sit there in utter confusion, you begin to vaguely remember seeing your kids playing with your purse while your were talking to your mom on the phone and cooking dinner last night.

B. Taking 30min to diligently write a grocery list only to get to the Super Target parking lot and realize you forgot the list at home.

C. Feeling like you struck gold because you found 2 checks on your husband's desk that you cashed so you could do your grocery shopping and errand running, only to get to the check out lane in Super Target and realize just as the cashier is saying, "Your total is $112.13 " that you left your coveted cash in the car. You must now ask the cashier to wait for you while you grab the baby and run back to the car for the cash. Did I mention there are 3 people behind you in the line?

D. Getting into your car after your money fiasco at Super Target and realizing you are already 15 minutes late to pick your kids up from preschool.


E. Being the spouse of the person who all this happened to in one morning and receiving the "please go get the boys and let me tell you about my morning while your on your way" phone call.

Just wondering if Chris or I had a more frustrating morning? :)

The humorous part is that I am leading a book study this week on being intentional about pursuing peace. Um, I definitely blew it this morning. I have this crazy fear of wasting time and become frantic very quickly when I sense time is going down the drain. Nothing distracts you more from pursuing peace than going into "frantic mode". At least I now have a great "go-to" illustration of what not to do for our study. :)


paige said...

hahahhahaaa!!! All of the above would have frustrated me, and have actually happened to me in the past (in a sense)!!! I totally agree about frantic mode robbing you of precious time!! I went into frantic mode last night because Ryan freaked out when I wouldn't buy her $6.00 cashews at Walmart! HAHHAAAA!!! I wasted 5 minutes of precious time trying to talk her out of her insanity! I always wonder if spending that 5 minutes opening the cashews and sharing them with her would have been time spent better, or taking down her britches and spanking her in the peanut/popcorn aisle is the better way to respond?

hahahhaaa!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!

You go girl!! Keep pursuing that peace!! And remember to praise God for the moments afterwards like having an awesome husband who takes your phone call and listens to you!! What a precious gift from the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liza Delgado DeArmas said...

WOW! Gotta love being that universal Mommy that can handle it all. God bless you. I am sure there will be some revelation as to why this all happened!! There's gotta be - right???? Think that and it bring sanity/peace... lol Love you Lady!!

Chelsea said...

Oh my...I've definately had days like that. More frequently than I'd like! I love your blog! I can relate to most all of your posts! That's why i nominated you for a bloggy can stop by my blog if you'd like to pass on the award to blogs that you love!
Chelsea (

Tiffany said...

Oh Holly Holly Holly! What a morning. I feel for you. Somedays are full of 'nothings going right'!!! Hope things start to look up!