Thursday, February 12, 2009


I read about this Do-Be-Do concept in this book a few weeks ago and it has been swimming in my head ever since:

Do what God has called me to do today.

Be who God has called me to be.


Do the distinct and bold work God has specifically designed for me to do before I die.

Am I doing what God has called me to do today in my family and church?
Am I becoming more like Christ each and every day?

Today God is calling me to know Him more and to get it through my thick head that I have value because He created me, not because of what I can do. Today God is calling me to be a loving wife and mother. Today God is also calling me to be a friend, sister, daughter, aunt, church volunteer, and neighbor.

Today, I will be grateful for the callings that God has made clear to me in this season. I will relish in the everyday moments and not beg God for more distractions. And although I may not be able to see past the endless to-do list or on-going sickness that has infested our home like the plague, I will remember that I am anointed for this. For this time and this season, I am anointed. For diaper changes, for never ending laundry, for leading alongside my husband at our campus, for bedtime stories, for dealing with temper tantrums, for encouraging my husband, for inviting my neighbors to church....for all of this...I am anointed.

I am reminded that it is through the day to day grind that God is molding my character so that one day I can complete the distinct work he has designed me to do hand in hand with Him.

And tomorrow when I find myself secretly wishing for a more "grand" role...I will remember DO-BE-DO.


Anonymous said...

Great blog...sounds like someone is definitely trying to get on God's agenda instead of getting God on her agenda!!! I, too, struggle in this area and have learned these past weeks that God doesn't waste a single moment of our lives (we are too precious!) We need to take care of what He has entrusted with this season of our lives, truly trusting that He is building character for what He will entrust with in the future. As you said...till then..Do-Be-Do..


Ileana said...

Yep, great blog! That book is really, really amazing. I'm learning more through it than I ever thought I would. Gotta DO-BE-DO. Not only is it a cool concept, it's fun to say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly,
your posts are so encouraging & a great reminder that the Lord has indeed annointed us to do all He has planned for us. We just have to stand in His truths & never give up. Remembering that the Lord already knows where we are, where we're going & how our situation ends is comfort enough!
You're a great DOER...
love ya girlie!