Sunday, October 5, 2008

From Duckhead to Dolce I know the title is corny, and no, we don't really wear Duckhead (St John's Bay, but not Duckhead :); regardless, we had the coolest thing happen to us after church today. Our sweet friends and D&G associates, Rebecca and Alexandra got word that we were getting our Christmas pictures taken tomorrow and decided that they wanted to dress the entire family from their D&G inventory. Supposedly, at Designer stores they consign their clothes for celebrities....and campus pastors :). As soon as church was over, they took all five of us to their store and dressed us from head to toe for the tomorrows pictures. You should have seen me trying to explain that I am a pretty casual person; that dressy just isn't me. Their reply? "You don't want to look casual; you want to look fabulous." I'm guessing casual cannot be fabulous :). Normally, we take the kids Christmas pics in Christmas pj's that I buy the year prior at an after-Christmas sale for 75% off. So their outfits just went from costing $7.50 (total for 3 pairs of pj's---(check out children's place's after Christmas sale this year)), let's just say that although it didn't cost us anything, I couldn't help the sick feeling that crept into my stomach as I began to calculate the total. I will just die if one of my kids wipes their nose or drools on this stuff. I told Chris to go ahead and mentally prepare for a tough half hour because the kids cannot mess the clothes up; and between the skirt and the shoes they chose for me, I cannot move...I will be of no help to him. In fact, I will be in the same pose for the entire session and they will just have to move everyone around me. Once I'm down, I'm down for the entire session.

Maybe I should bring some extra help...Hmm...I'll decide that later...Actually, I guess Chris should be the one to decide that :).

Anyways, We had so much fun. I felt like Pretty Woman, or Pollyanna (if you want the Disney version). Alex was ready to let me try on every runway dress in the store just to see what it's like to wear something right off the runway. You rock, Alex. I would have taken you up on trying on a few extra things, but with my kids throwing balls and climbing on the mannequins, I was just focusing on taking deep breaths and praying.

I can't wait to post the pics so you can see what they put the boys and Annie in. They are going to be sooo cute! Thank you, Rebecca and Alexandra, for hooking us up...what a blessing you guys were today. Chris thinks we may be in definitely wasn't easy putting our Mossimo jeans back on after a day at your store (if you didn't get that, obviously you're a better dresser than my family.) :)

P.S. Thank you, Stacey, for helping with the kids and being so patient!


Darlene said...

Wow! I can't wait to see those pictures!!!! You must post them when you can.

gotta say: casual CAN be fabulous! But (should I admit this??), designer certainly helps. hehe.


Faith said...

Holly, this is SO cool!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of you all. What a neat experience and sweet little blessing from the Lord =)

paige said...

you are so funny!!!! And I totally get the "Mossimo"!!!!

Tiffany said...

We think alike. I love shopping big sales and buy bigger so they fit the next year or next season. I loaded up on Children's Place clothes after Christmas last year...I think they called it their monster sale.
I can't wait to see you Christmas pics. I'll send you my address, you have to send me a pic:)

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you guys! I cant wait to see the pics! You deserve a pretty woman day! or who ever! Love you don't delay in posting those pics!

Anonymous said...


steph said...

That is SO cool, Holly! Can't wait to see the pics!

The Golf Widow said...

I have to say I'm a tad jealous! How fun! D&G is something I would love to get used to...on loner for free,since I'm a Target girl!
But,a professional photographer for Christmas cards is awesome!I usually take about a million shots to end up with one good one of my 4little ones.
Your family is just adorable! Glad I found your blog.