Friday, October 17, 2008

Rest and Relaxation!

OK, I have to be quick. But I wanted to write while Chris is in the shower because this is so blog-worthy :).

Guess who just took a nap for 3 hours?? Chris and I!! I know. Who gets to do that with 3 preschoolers, especially during the stay-at-home mom's bewitching hours of 3:30 - 6:30 pm? WE DID; thanks to our church family at Hallandale Beach! They put us up in a ocean view suite at the Westin Diplomat hotel right on Hallandale Beach and they arranged childcare for the kids (Please pray for Gloria. She is my dear friend that bravely offered to take all 3 kids with her for the night.) I am going to sleep in tomorrow until my body aches so bad that I just have to get up. I am giddy about getting some time alone with Chris. We had really planned on it being at least 5 years before we would get a chance to do something like this!

I think Chris and I have some major time assessment issues. I just checked in our overnight bag, and do you know that between the two of us we packed 8 books?? In 24 hours we think we are going to read 8 books? I think we are just a little over zealous about catching up on some long awaited reading!

Gotta go. Chris is out of the shower and we are going to grab some dinner and then go for a walk on the beach and spend some time in prayer for this city.

Hallandale team: We love you all to pieces; thank you for this amazing time you blessed Chris and I with to relax and be alone together. This is a beautiful city, guys. Together we are going to raise high the banner of Jesus' name over this city!

P.S. My mom was right when she told me, "Sleep will come."


Darlene said...

oh, soooo wonderful! I hope you enjoy every last second of it. Your church knew JUST what to do for you!!!


Faith said...

This is awesome!!! I love how the Lord provides with sweet, unexpected blessings. Enjoy every single moment together!

steph said...

That is SO great, Holly! I'm SO glad you & Chris had a little R&R ") You guys definitely deserve it!

Van said...

Sounds like your move has been met with wonderful joys. What a wonderful church body to have taken your children and given you the rest you so deserve. This is a lesson for the rest of us who need to be sensitive to our pastors and their families.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear you got some much needed rest and relaxation. You guts work so hard to make hings work at our campus, I can timagine anyone more deserving1 Love you guys!