Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting the Farm

OK, guys, just wanted to say thank you to those of you who prayed for us during our trip. We made it. I am not going to lie though, this was the hardest thing I have ever done. I will spare you all the details, but it was rough. We left our house at 6am in Florida, and did not walk into my mom's house until 10:45pm! What a day--Chris and I forgot to pack the stroller, so I had to lay over in Atlanta, ride trams, board and then unboard (something was wrong with the plane), ride some more trams, go up and down escalators with 3 kids (none of which were strapped into a stroller), an infant carrier, and 2 carry-on bags! But we survived--I just think I am going to have to stay here until the kids grow-up and are a bit easier to travel with :). Chris asked me on the phone last night if I am going to be ready in a week to do it again. I told him if given the choice, I would rather go through labor with twins and with no drugs :). Please start praying for me now about the ride home. We will have a 6hr car ride (yes, they live that far from an airport!) before we get on the plane. I actually had one guy on the plane that said to me, "You really are a courageous woman." I replied, "I think crazy would be a better description." HE then said, "Well, that is what I was thinking, but I didn't want to be rude." Unlike me, he was not kidding. Oh well, my kids did great on the airplanes; I was so proud of them. I felt bad for them that it was such a long day--I just never figured in 2 delays and the extra long car ride. They really were troopers.

They are having the time of their lives now though. Papa Gene (he is my mom's new husband who is a pastor and farmer out here in Nebraska--and a great grandpa to my kids) woke them up early and took them out to feed the calves and chickens. Max got to feed one of the calves a bottle--isn't that sweet? They also found baby kittens in the barn that Jack has been talking about all day. They are having a blast; I am so thankful that they get to experience this farm life for a week--even if it was difficult getting here :). I am also thankful for this time to spend with my mom and to enjoy some down time with the kids myself.

It is snowing outside!! The weather report just said they are expecting anywhere from 8in to a blizzard tonight!! A BLIZZARD, guys! We were swimming on Monday and now we are possibly going to be in our first blizzard tonight. Should be fun--I hope :).


Faith said...

Oh Holly, the Atlanta airport is crazy enough without three kiddos, a carseat, carry-on's and lay-overs! Bless your heart. I am so glad you made it safely and are enjoying your time with Gene and your mom. I can't believe it's snowing there! Have so much fun!!!

steph said...

Okay, I am totally envious that you are getting to experience a blizzard :) I sweated all day today...but I wouldn't trade life in S.Florida for anything! You guys have fun on the farm & we'll see you next week :)

Melanie said...

I am dying laughing right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly!!
You poor girl. You ARE crazy!! I will definitley be praying for you. Enjoy your Mom & her new hubby, have a great time & make memories. The kids will have to chat with us when they get back to tell us all their wonderful stories. Miss you girl

Anonymous said...

Get your butt home - I miss you and when you post stuff like this I feel like scum because I am not there.....Bachelor life - over rated.......I love You :) Chris

Tiffany said...

Okay...I'm not sure my last comment posted and I'm not sure my last e-mail got to you either, my computer is messing up lately.
Anyways, my thoughts are with you. I feel for you with traveling with the kids. Where are you in NE? My parents live in Grand Island, NE.
Have a good time with your mom.