Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday night ramblings

Do any of you have a hard time thinking of titles for your blog entries? This truly has to be the worst part about blogging for me. I love everything else--except trying to think of a stupid title. I always seem to come up with a corny "oh my goodness that is so stupid and if I let people know my mind is this corny they will never read another post" title almost immediately. The problem is, that corny title just keeps floating in my head and blocks me from thinking of another title that will help me save face. Any suggestions?

Anyways, the point of this post before I rabbit trailed was to tell you that I am flying with all 3 kids tomorrow by myself (again--I know.) and to ask for your prayers--I am a little nervous.

Back to my topic on blog titles: I was going to title this post: Oops, I did it again, but decided I would rather save face :).

Which brings me to this conclusion: You know what one of the best things about moving to a new place or starting a new job is? You have complete control over letting people know how weird you are. You know how you feel the first time you screw things up and the real you comes out? All those hopes of being a "new, sophisticated, quiet person" (that's always my dream at least--sophisticated and quiet) are over you just want to kick yourself. Yeah, well--I'm kicking myself a lot lately.


Anonymous said...

Hi, yes, I ramble too!! Funny thing, I saw you at Dr. Salland's office yesterday with your beautiful baby girl. I recognized the t-shirt. Today while surfing Heather's blog roll, I came across yours (trying to get Holly Farver). I recognized Jack. I volunteered in the pre-school and Jack was in my class (I think Easter). It was a Friday night service and all the kids were exhausted. Jack was attached at my hip. I couldn't put him down. He was so sweet and loving. I will never forget his big blue eyes. It's nice to finally see the connection. Next time I see you, I'll say hello. Should have yesterday based on the t-shirt, but was afraid to step outside my box. Anyway, just wanted to drop a line, can't wait to see those Christmas pics. Congrats on the baby girl. I have two boys myself and could use a little more girl power. Kristin

Faith said...

I do the same thing with the titles! I am pretty lame at coming up with them and some of them are so cheesy, but I say just go with it! I love your blog, and you!

Hope you have a safe trip!!

Tiffany said...

You brave woman!!! You'll have to let us know how it went and if you had any special angels to help this time around.

The Golf Widow said...

Too funny! I agree about the title. Such a challenge. As for the do-over, I really think we all deserve at least one. I could learn to be quiet. My family would disagree but I would be willing to try!

Anonymous said...

yep, titles sure keep me in a stump.. Especially if your an idiot like me and accidentally delete your blog (the one no one read...LOL) (how could I even come up with a title...LOL).
I love ALL your titles...Your blog is an inspiration and something I look forward to. Keep bloggin girl....
Love to the family...have a blast.
PS: tell your sisters their puerto rican sister in Christ sends them LOVE :)

Holly said...

kristin--so glad you stopped by. thank you fo taking care of my kids too :). i would love to meet you, hopefull i will see you at church soon--please introduce yourself.

faith, gloria, and the golf widow--i am so glad i am not alone in this challenge.

tiffany--if your are ever crazy enough to think about doing it alone with 4, all i can say is, "DON'T DO IT!"

golf widow, thank you for stopping by and commenting!