Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I have felt so convicted. Convicted because I have whined and complained to my husband and close friends about my own life stresses and burdens way too much lately. This week, the Lord has really opened my eyes up to those around me who are going through so much more and are hurting so badly. My heart is heavy today for my friends in marriage crisis, friends with children who are facing upcoming surgeries, friends whose children are fighting for their lives in a NICU right now, friends who are struggling with infertility, friends whose husbands have abandoned them, and friends who don't know how they will pay rent this month. Who am I to complain about the relatively small stresses in my own life compared to the hell these people are going through? How selfish I have been. No more complaining-- my new goal is to go to God in prayer for one of my hurting friends each time I am tempted to complain (BEFORE I voice the complaint). I can do this with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.

Dear Lord, thank you for reminding me how much pain, uncertainty, and loneliness some of those dear to me are facing right now. Keep it fresh on my heart and with the power of the Holy Spirit keep me on my knees for the hurting people in my life and my church.


Anonymous said...

oh,so good. i needed this today!

Faith said...

Oh, I needed to hear this. I am so focused on myself and my issues at times, that I don't take the time to think about what others are going through. Thank you for this reminder to open my eyes to others hurts, and place them before myself.

Jenny said...

It's so easy to become focused on wha's going on in our little lives that we forget the hurting going on around us! Thank you so much for this reminder!

Anonymous said...

Wow ~ Thank you SO much for this gentle and much needed reminder (for me). I forget sometimes how truly blessed I am...and I can get caught up in my own little "boo hoo" dance. Holly, thanks for continuing to share....It truly Matters!