Monday, June 30, 2008


I have 3 sisters, and growing up our friends referred to my mom and all her daughters as the "Dwyer Girls." Well, the "Dwyer Girls" can be quite quirky, so in honor of baby Annie, I thought I would make her a list so she will know for sure that she's one of us.

You know you are a Dwyer Girl if:

1. You learned to count by counting your calories.

2. A nose job has been on your Christmas wish list every year since you were 5.

3. Your favorite meal is low fat popcorn with fat free spray butter followed by a bowl of frozen fruit topped with one packet of splenda and a dollop of fat free cool whip. (who brought that one to the table first?? My bet is on Katie)

4. Your hair bill is higher than your mortgage payment

5. You are on a missions trip to South Africa where you know no one, but you straighten and tease your hair, iron you clothes, and put on make up every day.

6. The high light of your week is Saturday morning yard sales and a Chik-fil-a biscuit (Very sad, but true. In our defense, they have great yard sales in Charlotte, and it is so early that we don't have to take the kids :)

7. You have a tendency to give your husband a hard time every time he goes golfing-- just for the pure heck of it (sorry, guys :)

8. Your favorite Starbucks drink is a venti non fat, sugar free, vanilla latte. (It tastes like crap and you know it, but it is what you get because it is guilt-free.)

9. Your favorite snack is a diet coke and twizzlers.

10. You have successfully convinced your husband that he also loves chick flicks, diet coke, and light popcorn with fat free spray butter.

11. Although you will cook (occasionally:) you get absolutely no sense of your self worth from being in the kitchen.

Poor, Annie. You're doomed.

The "Dwyer Girls": (They will all kill me for posting pics-- I should have put that on the list-- You know you are a Dwyer girl if you avoid the camera at all costs :) Sorry girls, good thing I live way down here in South Florida and know how to turn my phone on silent :)

My mom and Kristi

Melanie and Me

(don't hate me, Katie. I know it is a pic of you putting something in your mouth, but I swear it is all I had. And besides, it looks very dainty:).


Faith said...

You all are beautiful! And, I love this list! I am with you on several of these...including #7 and #11.
Hope you are doing well! Can't wait for baby Annie to get here!

Melanie said...

You seemed to pull out the best picture pf each of us. Ha! We all look majorly ticked off. Maybe everyone is sick of spray butter.

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Loved the list and loved the pics! :)