Monday, June 9, 2008


I just wanted to write a quick post about how good my God is.

When I woke up this morning, I had 3 things on my agenda for today:

  1. Tackle the mounting pile of paper work on my makeshift desk

  2. Catch up on emails

  3. Do #1 and #2 with a pleasant attitude

The Lord had other plans. As I dropped my kids off at summer camp, a friend of mine asked if I would like to get together this am. Since I am not one to EVER turn down social interaction, I justified abandoning my commitment to tackle the mountain of paperwork by telling myself that she probably needed to get a few things off her chest, and I would be a good friend by listening and praying with her. Both she and God are laughing right now, because less than 2 sips into her coffee I completely verbally vomited all over her!!! Everything I was struggling with, things I knew the Lord was convicting me of-- I mean everything. She heard it all. After and hour or so of listening and giving me some godly advice, she prayed for me. Man, I REALLY needed it!!

About an hour later, I had a preterm labor scare during a church meeting- of all places! So here I am--in this meeting, trying my best to act like I am paying attention and to offer at least one intelligent, creative idea-- all the while thinking I am about to have a baby! As soon as the meeting was over, my friend Heather drove me to the hospital and gave up her entire afternoon to sit with me while they ruled out labor. It was actually one of the first times we have really had a chance to talk and get to know each other better without kids wrapped around our legs. Besides the fact that we both thought that she was going to end up being my birthing coach (which, I think scared her more than me! :), we had a great visit with each other. I REALLY needed that too.

So, why not one bill was paid or one email returned, the Lord showed me today that He has surrounded me with great people here in Florida to do life with.

Dear Jesus, Thank you so much that you showed me today that I am not alone down here. You know my every need, and You have surrounded me with generous and amazing people that really care about our family. Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for the reassurance today that you will provide all I need- not just financially, but socially, emotionally, and physically. You are good and I am so blessed to be your daughter.

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Faith said...

Holly, I'm so glad that the Lord worked in your life in this way, and showed you more of Himself and how He will meet your needs in a new place with new faces. Praise His name!
Also, so glad that you are okay and no pre-term labor! Take it easy!