Friday, June 13, 2008

I know I am 9 months pregnant when:

  1. I make Chris take the kids to the pool at 7:30 every night and instruct him not to put sunscreen on them so it will count as their bath (no comments please about how you have noticed a green tinge to their hair lately).
  2. I feel baby Annie kick and my first instinct is to ask her to knock it off.
  3. A dear friend offers to take the kids for the day, but I refuse because the thought of loading/unloading them from the car is too overwhelming. (If you know how heavy Max is, you understand!!)
  4. I have decided that shaving my legs is really not that important even though I live in South Florida and go to the pool Every. Single. Day.
  5. I count sitting with Max and watching a 30 min Super Why program as his learning time, recreation time, family time, and exercise time (that is, if I make him get up at least twice and get me a drink).
  6. I have suddenly become an overly optimistic parent (i.e. "Oh, he's OK on the roof- he really is a good climber". OR "Don't worry that his lips are turning blue- he really is a good swimmer. I promise he'll get to the side, just give him a few more seconds.")
  7. I have to take more bathroom breaks when we are in Target than my 2yr old and 3yr old combined!
  8. Every one in the house except me is sleeping with a rolled up pair of pants under their heads because I need all 15 pillows we own to fall asleep!! (they would just fold a blanket, but since I keep the thermostat at 55 degrees--- all blankets are being used to avoid frostbite)
  9. I baked a ham large enough to feed 30 people, and I am so proud that now my family will have a home cooked meal to eat every night until I deliver (By the way, how long does ham last in the refrigerator?)
  10. Chris is beginning to complain that going to the community pool for a bath every night is taking too much time. I ask him in all honesty if he thinks the lake in our back yard would count?


Faith said...

Girlfriend, you are cracking me up! I have no idea what you're going through, but I'm sure you cannot wait for sweet little Annie to be here! Hopefully not too much longer!

Jenny said...

This is too funny! I love #1. I hate to admit that I do that now and I don't have pregnancy as an excuse =). Chlorine kills most of the germs, right!?! =)

Alicia said...

That is so funny, Holly. I have been there and am so happy that I am not there now. ( :
Some days you just have to do what you can to make it through.

Holly said...

faith-- you are right-- I really cannot wait. I am so excited for a little girl!!! I hope she is prissy!!

Jenny-- I do it too when I am not pregnant, but I am even more adamant about it now because if I don't it means I have to bend over the tub!! Of course, chlorine kills all the germs!!

Alicia--ONE DAY AT A TIME. ONE MORE DAY--I will just keep telling myself that for the next 4 weeks!!

Thanks for the comments-- so good to hear from each of you!!!

Anonymous said...

4 more weeks only if you deliver on your due date. You could have 6 more,babe! You know me, I hate to point out the negative side, but you should be prepared. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm a little late...but didn't forget to check out your blog...I'm Rolling over laughing...And I know I'm getting old when I have to be afraid to laugh too hard...or else...LOL

I love you Holly, and am SO blessed that God has allowed us to do life together.

Her said...

OMGosh!!! LOL!!! Ha Ha kill me! This was hilarious, and since I'm not too far removed from those days, I truly feel your pain and can identify with your semi-child-neglect!! : )