Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grateful Part II

Another thing I found myself thanking God for during my time in Nebraska was time alone with my mom (that is, if you consider me, my mom, and my 3 kids alone...I do!) And no, Mom, in case you are thinking that I am just trying to keep you from feeling left out after my last post...you're wrong:). If you happened to grow up in a large family then I know you would agree that time alone with one parent is a rare occasion. I had so much fun just being with my mom. Normally, when I am with my mom we (my mom and her 4 daughters) take care of all our "girly things". We get our hair done, get pedicures, go to coffee, shop-- and maybe a few other things I won't post :). I didn't know if we would know what to do with ourselves on a farm a ways away from anything "prissy". But man, we had a blast! We talked, we baked, we cooked (OK, well, she cooked and I talked :), we shopped, we carved pumpkins, we ate (Boy did we eat!! I had 3 home cooked meals every day....The last time that happened had to be during my high school years when I was still at home...my poor husband and kids!)

My mom is such a woman of God and she definitely has the gift of wisdom, so it was such blessing to have her ear and insights for an entire week. AND we actually got a little shopping in too!

Thanks Mom, for a great week. I am very grateful for all energy and time you put into cooking and caring for us, cleaning up after us, and arranging for the kids to have each day jam-packed with new experiences. You would be proud of me too--I felt so guilty with every bite of those 3 home cooked meals each day, that I have stepped up my game in the kitchen at home. I have limited protein bars to only one meal a day (I know, it is horrible..my boys are hooked on high school musical protein bars)! I actually made eggs the other night (yes, night...breakfast remains the one protein bar meal) and Max, says, "Mom, this is the best supper you've cooked"....and the worst part...Chris says, "I agree"! EGGS, Mom...the best thing I've ever cooked. How pathetic. You will see a new me by Christmas. That's right. You can take me off the ice, dinner rolls, and paper product list...I am going to blow you away with the new kitchen- friendly me :).

Copy of Family Oct 2008 143

oct 08 078

Copy of Family Oct 2008 161

oct 08 068

oct 08 118

Family Oct 2008 165

oct 08 159

P.S. I know I have posted a gazillion pics on my last few entries...but I can't figure out how to do a slide show...I'm going to keep working on it though!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I am so glad that you enjoyed and experienced my new life. I can't describe what happened to me, but here I am packing for California and I am crying over chickens, a dead cow, a calf and my two cats. I am glad you saw it and even can understand the attraction to farm life. I loved having you here and I am very proud of you! God bless you. I love you, MOM

Faith said...

Holly, this is such a sweet tribute to your mom. She is beautiful inside and out. So glad you enjoyed your visit with her and I'm thankful for the time y'all got to spend together. Wonderful memories were made, I'm sure!

paige said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeadHership: said...

I hope she comes here someday so I can meet her and try doing some girly things with you. Cause unlike you, I grew up in a home w/ ALL guys and all they did was guy-things like fart on each other. :(

Melanie said...

Am I Grateful Part 3?

Jill said...

What a great post! I have only talked to you once at Flamingo but there is such a sweetness about you and your family! The pictures and story were so beautiful! By the way....slide.com is the easiest way to add a slide show to blogs.:)

Holly said...

heather--your still the only girl in the house, aren't you?? poor thing--we will definitely take you on a "girl day" next time mom is here.
mel--um,if you would have gotten your behind to NE i would definitely make you grateful part 3!
Jill--thanks for the beautiful comment :) and the advice about the slide show. I'm going to try it!

Anonymous said...

thats so disgusting that max and jack pee in the same toilet at the same time. we miss you so much. love,susanna see ya later guys.