Friday, November 21, 2008

Shopping Finds

Faith and Paige wanted to see some of my finds from Express and I thought it would be fun to play along.

A few things you should know first: I am on a budget, on top of that...I am frugal ( I will never buy anything that is not on sale), I try to look stylish when I can...but I have been pregnant or transitioning from pregnancy for the last 4 years, so I am just getting back into noticing and caring about fashion. I just say all that to say I try, but I am sure I screw it up often. That's OK...I'm me...and I won't wear something I don't like, so even if I screw it up fashion wise, I still like it.
I go for 2 types of casual looks ALWAYS:
The 1st look: very comfy and casual stay-at-home mom who wants to look somewhat stylish, but HAS to be able to bend down and play with kids or carry them without being uncomfortable or immodest. Most days I prefer gym clothes. Mostly, because I have convinced myself that if I just put them on, I will make a point to the gym sometime during the day.

2ND look: Dressy casual. I Prefer blue jeans with something, but will take it up a notch or two for church or date nights with Chris.

OK--Here's what I got (all for $100. I also had a coupon for $30 off any $100 purchase.)
Long purple striped shirt/dress...$14.99

I paired this shirt/dress with leggings and a pair of black flats. I really liked the look, but it totally broke my bend down with the kids and still be modest rule. This outfit did not work out too well at the kids thanksgiving program today. I was carrying Annie and helping the boys...every time I would reposition Annie on my hip or bend down to wipe the boys face, I felt like the dress would hike up way to high. I was having to tug on this constantly. Not recommended for mom's who are still carrying kids, unless you get a day out without the kids, then it would be great.

Pink graphic tee....$19.50
Skinny leopard belt...$12.99

I love this tee and belt. I am going to wear the belt over the tee with dark skinny jeans and either my knee-length black boots (on the outside) or these copper heels. I like the look with the heels, but I would have to roll the jeans. I know that I have seen jeans with a small roll all over mannequins and in magazines. I just am not quite sure I can pull it off. What do you guys think... heels or boots? Have you attempted the small roll again? I hate it with those converse shoes, but I think it will look nice with heels...I think.

The sales associate told me to wear this tee with black jeans, but I don't have black dark blue it is...I hope it works :)

Oh yeah, this tee was on the mannequin with a sweet short black jacket, but the jacket wasn't on sale and definitely not in the budget, so I am going to wait. But if you have a short black jacket and a scarf you can pair with a cool tee, it did look great.

knee length cream sweater...$49.00

OK, this one was a splurge for me, but I justified it because I had a $30 coupon. So it really was only $19.99.

This was Chris' favorite. It's really pretty...has these gold flecks in it that make it look holidayish.

I am going to wear this with brown leggings and either my short brown boots or those copper heels again.
Casual red 3/4 sleeve top...$12.99

This one is nothing to brag about, but it is super comfy and great for running a few errands in before I head to the gym.

What do you think of my finds? Did I do OK without my sisters? Tell me now...because I still have the tags on everything...I can take it back if I need to! I am excited about them..I practically doubled the amount of clothes I have that fit (not quite, but close!)

One day soon I will share my frugal shopping tips with you, but here's one for now: If you like the legging look, it's great because it is super comfy, in style, and cheaper (you don't have to buy the bottom half :). Oh, and don't buy your leggings at the mall. You can get those at Target for $6.99.

Last thing: If you are trying something new and not quite sure about it: The best thing to do is act confident!! Don't act like you're not sure...Be confident about it and usually (I can't promise for sure!) you can pull it off.


Melanie said...

Katie and I discussed the whole tight roll the jeans thing and we're both hoping that you don't go for that one. We have way too many bad memories of that look.:) I can't believe that it is coming back. Next thing will be the dreaded scrunchies. My vote is for the boots with the first outfit that you mentioned and heels with the last one. I think that heels would look good with the first one too but since you said that you would tight roll with the heels, I'm voting for the boots. What is this with the Converse shoes and tight rolls? You guys in Miami are way ahead of us in the trends. It's a good thing. I hope ya'll wear 'em out before they get here. You could definitely pull off the tight rolls but for me and other "curvy" girls, we'll all look like stuffed sausages. :) You did a great job with all of your shopping. I like all of them. Can't wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
I love the pink, when it is chilly you can pair it up with the black leather jacket and boots. You have now earned the queen of shopping on a budget crown. I agree with Melanie on the tight rolls and stuffed sausages. PS i've been carrying chris' red & white stripped shirt in my car for 2 days. Pls remind me tomorrow at CC.

paige said...
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paige said...

okay. now try them on for us! HAHAHAA. just kidding! i bet they look great on you!! i love the legging, and boot on the outside look. i haven't done either yet, but am looking forward to a good sale around here!! (and christmas gift cards from some students!!!)
one thing we can't relate to ya down here is the t-shirt! we're wearing heavy sweaters up here in the 30 degree weather! so, you just enjoy you're 70+ degree weather down there with those cute tees! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!

love and miss ya!!!!!!

p.s. i am also not a fan of the "jean roll-up. i've only seen katie holmes do it lately, and she doesn't impress me. also, i think boots or heels would work with your outfits. i always base it on whether comfort is a necessity...then choose.

paige said...

p.s.s. I'm proud of you for buying skinny jeans! I haven't been able to make the transition from the boot-cut to skinny jean yet. I've been hoping the skinny jean would come and go, but that was at least a year ago, and they're not going anywhere. I think I've almost given I just have to find a sale because, like you, I refuse to pay full price!

Faith said...

Girlfriend, you are going to be stylin' in your new clothes! I am loving what you picked out. Especially the outfit with the leopard belt...cute, cute!!

Oh, and I am with the other girls against the tight roll. Not a fan!

Yay for shopping and new clothes! I know you look beautiful in them!

LeadHership: said...

Luv the new threads, girl! I wanna borrow that hot-pink tee...that is so chique! :)