Friday, November 28, 2008

Fashionista Friend

OK, in follow-up to my shopping finds post, I thought I would send you to my friend's blog. she is a true fashion expert, and she has posted some great fall fashions for those of us who need a little assistance. Check it out, and I swear, if it is on her blog, it's in style (sorry, Paige, but she does have skinny jeans on there!)

I really think she must look at me all the time and think, "Good try, Holly, but not quite." :) Keep posting tips, Heather....I'm a good pupil...I'll get better.


Faith said...

Pretty cool! I so wish I could do the hat thing, but I think you must need longer hair to pull that off....I don't know, but it's not working for me!

paige said...

hahahahaha! i did say "almost" out!! i am waaaaaaay excited about all of the boots in style! and i do love skinny jeans with a good boot!!!

LeadHership: said...

Ah, friend, i'm blushing. Whats the punctuation one uses to make a blushing face? Here, let me try...
There. That's my blushing face. Alls' I gotta say is next time will ya let me go shopping with you? It just kills me that you had that much fun at Express alone!?!

Tiffany said...

Okay...I did it, I didn't think I would but I bought a pair of skinny jeans. I am leary because I still have 5 extra pounds on me from my last pregnancy and it all seems to be in one place...the backside. I will definitely wear a long shirt with them. I'll keep you posted. I am going out with a girlfriend tonight and maybe I'll wear them and get her input :-)

holly said...

Faith, I'm with you on the hat thing. I think you do need longer hair too. I can't pull that one off either, but I love it on those that can!
Paige--boots or heels and a bigger or longer shirt and ou could pull it off.
Heather--Woohoo! The fashionista herself is going to go shopping with me? My problems are solved...all this was just a ploy to get you to take me shopping with you :)
Tiffany--I still have 5 extra pounds too; mine is in my tummy...and I think the skinny jean is a good look because you can wear a longer or bigger top to hide your tummy or backside, plus it looks great with heeld or high boots and that takes 10 pounds off instantly...go for it tonight :)